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Top nominees in douchelord




I nominate @loveheylola in #douchelord because there can be only one. and she is. the one.

Another shoutout for @loveheylola for one more nomination! If you're doing shortyawards, nominate her in #douchelord. Yes, I'm serious. :P

@shortyawards #douchelord @loveheylola should winnnnnnn! oh yes. cuz she's awesome. thats why.




If for nothing else, OMG THE HAIR. ShortyAwards Finals.@joeschmitt. #humor. hair. 80s. Did.I.Mention.His.Hair.

I vote for @joeschmitt in the Shorty Awards Finals for #humor because nobody should lose to a doofus

I vote for @joeschmitt in the Shorty Awards Finals for #humor because he asked me for my vote.




@The_Gov Yes...just tweet @shortyawards with my name and #douchelord and why I should win (supreme douchiness works)




I nominate @Adrigonzo for a Shorty Award in #humor because of her spot-on, biting narrative of just about everything.

I nominate @Adrigonzo for a #education Shorty Award for educating future CPAs ... and for her use of the word "wampum.&qu

Tks! RT @Adrigonzo: @shortyawards I nominate @retheauditors for Shorty Award #finance because someone has to tell it like it is in finance.




@shortyawards @oveheylola #douchelord because really, there can be only one




I nominate @Micah for #douchelord because he is the biggest former douchebag I have had the pleasure of meeting.

I nominate @Micah for a Shorty Award in #brand because he has one

I nominate @Micah for a Shorty Award in #brand because he is the king of personal brand